Juan Manuel Vazquez

Juan Manuel Vazquez

Postdoctoral Researcher

Sudmant Lab, University of California - Berkeley

I am a Puerto Rican biologist studying the evolution of longevity and healthspan in expectional animals such as bats, elephants, and whales. I use a combination of computational and empirical approaches in my work, using a complete functional genomics pipeline to identify and characterize genetic changes between long- and short-lived species in primary cell culture systems. In addition to my work in aging, I strive to promote transparency, diversity, and inclusivity in STEM, and am actively involved in various outreach and training programs.

My current research focus is the role of genomic stability in longevity differences between species, and the feedback loops between chromatin organization and lifespan. In the Sudmant Lab at UC Berkeley, I use single-cell genomics to study the within-species relationship between chromatin and aging in vivo using mice; and I use primary cell culture samples from various Myotis species of bats to study genomic stabilty and lifespan between species.

Pedagogy and inclusivity are at the heart of my academic program. Science only has meaning when its fruits are widely and openly shared with all; furthermore, science is only beneficial and benevolent when its fruits are available equally to all. As such, I am always seeking more opportunities to reach out and promote STEM to any and all groups and identities!


  • Pedagogy and Teaching
  • Aging
  • Peto’s Paradox
  • Comparative Biology
  • Transhumanism and the Ethics of Lifespan Extension


  • PhD & MSc in Human Genetics, 2020

    University of Chicago

  • BSc in Biology, Molecular Genetics, 2015

    University of Rochester

  • BA in Chemistry, 2015

    University of Rochester